Unwritten Poker Rules

If you play poker online or in an actual card room, you have to understand the rules of poker. While there are certain aspects of the game that are strictly defined by official poker rules, there are also unwritten poker rules that help the game flow. These unwritten rules are a great way to make the experience enjoyable for all players.

For example, keeping the cards in view is an important rule. It is also important to keep chips organized. This will not only help you stay on track, but it will also prevent you from being distracted from the game.

Another rule is that players must not interfere with the dealer. For instance, looking through the discards can be disruptive.

Stacking chips is also a no-no. The chips should be placed in an order that will not block the dealer from doing their job.

Players who want to take a seat during a hand should not leave their seat until after the first card has been dealt. If the player is in a low hand, he will be forced to put his chips into the pot.

Poker table etiquette includes maintaining a tidy chip stack and keeping hole cards near the player. Also, players should not reveal their holdings to friends or fellow players.

There are also rules about using cell phones at the table. The WFP (World Federation of Poker) has a set of guidelines for this. They prohibit cell phone use at the table and any disturbance to other players.