The Official Poker Glossary

A poker game in which players make a wager against each other and the house to win a pot. The game may be played in a casino or online. There are a number of different types of poker, including Texas hold’em and Omaha. For a comprehensive guide to the rules of poker see this glossary entry.

To verbally declare an action or intention, typically a call, raise or fold. The action is considered to be binding once it is declared. It is also possible to act out of turn, but this is frowned upon and can result in penalties for bad behavior such as chip dumping.

The position at a table where a player is sitting to the right of the button and therefore in the last seat to act before the blinds go up. It is often referred to as the cutoff seat.

A five card hand ranked in accordance with standard poker hand rankings. See the glossary entry on poker hand rankings for a complete explanation.

To bet a small amount on a made hand in the hope that our opponent will call us with a big bluff. A weak play, but sometimes correct if the opponents have a good draw and can afford to call.

A token (usually a disk) that rotates among the players to indicate the nominal dealer for purposes of betting order in a poker game. It is sometimes called the buck or button.