The Official Lottery App

The official lottery app is a great way to enjoy playing your favorite lottery games on the go. With the app, you can play Mega Millions®, Powerball®, Lotto®, Take 5®, Cash4LifeTM and more! It’s also a great way to track the latest lottery results and scan your ticket anywhere you want to check it.

The Official State Lottery App is Available in the Google Play Store and provides a variety of features for players to use while playing. This includes:

– Scanning & Viewing Your Tickets – Instantly!

– Viewing the latest jackpot, winner and payout information for your ticket – instantly.
– Find out about the latest lottery news and trends for your favorite lottery game!
– Stay in touch with your friends and family – get instant updates on who won what.
– Access your ticket history for each ticket type – all on the go!
– Save your ticket numbers for future games – no need to carry them with you!
– Enter a number block or select Quick Pick if you want a quick result.
– Find out about the latest prize amounts and draw dates for your favorite games!
– See your winnings on the lottery website or through the app.
– Win a Lotto®, Powerball®, Cash4LifeTM or other official lottery game!
As Cohen explains, the official lottery became an object of intense political interest during the late seventies and eighties. Its proponents claimed that, by filling state coffers without increasing state taxes, the lottery would keep money in the pockets of average citizens. But this premise was simply untrue.