The NFL Moves Into the Sports Betting Space

Several major media companies have made an aggressive push into the sports betting space over the past several years. ESPN, Fox and CBS have all introduced gambling content into their broadcasts, and the NFL is not far behind.

While these companies have built out their own Las Vegas-style gambling set, there are also several state-level sportsbooks with great betting offerings. For instance, Michigan sportsbooks offer all major domestic sports. And if you’re in Michigan, you can place a wager on the Detroit Tigers during the regular season.

Some of these sportsbooks are also offering special promotional bonuses to new players. For example, Jazz sports has over 400 markets, and you can take advantage of a few promo codes.

Last year, Fox launched a sportsbook, and the studio analysts were even able to win money with a gambling contest. This year, the network will test out some alternative broadcasts, though it may not have an impact on the main telecasts.

Sports betting is legal in several states, including Arizona. You can make bets online or at a local casino or horse track. Most states also require online operators to connect with a retail betting facility. The Arizona Department of Gaming regulates sports betting websites.

While the NFL has been cautious with its gambling content, it has also forged several partnerships with betting operators. The league is reportedly expecting to generate $270 million in revenue this year through official sports betting. This figure is expected to grow over the next five years. The NFL’s official betting partners include Caesars, FanDuel, DraftKings, IMG ARENA and DraftKings.