The NFL Announces Official Betting Partners

The National Football League (NFL) has taken a cautious approach to gambling content. It is working in conjunction with its media partners to produce a betting content experience for fans. In April, the league announced a list of official sports betting partners.

The NFL is collaborating with DraftKings, a leading daily fantasy sports platform, and BetMGM, the world’s largest casino. This partnership allows DraftKings to leverage the UFC brand to provide its customers with an in-game betting experience.

Meanwhile, the NFL has forged partnerships with sportsbook operators in the US, Latin America, and Europe. Sportsbooks have been granted the rights to sponsor NFL teams in states with legal betting. Several NFL teams have also been permitted to operate sportsbook lounges in stadiums.

As the NFL looks to boost its revenue, its partners have been preparing for the shift. They have licensed video, data, and other forms of gambling content to sportsbooks. Also, the NFL has been training players on gambling-related behavior.

Several NFL broadcasters have added bet lines to their television screens. However, sportsbooks have not been allowed to operate kiosks in NFL stadiums. Instead, the league has licensed video and official data to sportsbooks internationally.

NFL broadcasters can sell six sportsbook commercials per game to approved sportsbook operators. These commercials are located at the bottom of the screen and include bet types, odds, and free-play games.

Fans can wager on the winner of MLB playoffs, the MLB playoff winner, and futures bets on the outcome of future sports events. These are referred to as moneyline bets.