The Best Official Poker Sites

The game of poker has long been a popular pastime, combining risk and reward with patience and a little aggression in a social setting. Its allure has even lured celebrities like Ben Affleck and Rafael Nadal to the table. But, the game has a much deeper history than that and has roots that go back hundreds of years when gambling was illegal.

While there are many variations of the game, most players use standard 52-card decks. The earliest recorded games used just one pack, but today the game is often played using two packs of contrasting colors in order to speed up the deal and the betting process. Each player takes turns dealing the cards and then placing bets based on their own cards and the community cards that are revealed after each round.

Some of the best official poker sites also feature tournaments with huge prize pools. For example, Americas Cardroom offers a massive $25 million GTD OSS Cubed, which features three tournaments with $15 million in guaranteed prize money and another 15+ $1 million events. There’s also a Big OSS with over 150 tournaments, and several smaller OSS events as well.

While Bitstarz has a lot going for it, it does fall short in some areas. For instance, there are fewer crypto poker games available and the site doesn’t offer anonymous table gaming. However, the user interface is intuitive and pages load quickly during gameplay. In addition, the site doesn’t charge any payout fees.