PointsBet Is an Official Betting Partner of the Detroit Tigers

Official betting helps determine the odds for a game. This data is obtained from the official website of a game and passed onto betting websites. In turn, bookmakers can use this information to offer the most accurate odds to bettors. In addition to this, official betting is easier to understand and follow. The odds for a game can vary widely depending on a variety of factors.

For example, the NFL has partnered with betting operators so that fans can bet on games in their homes. This means the betting experience is more integrated into the stadium experience. As of April, the NFL expects to generate $270 million in revenue from official betting this year. The NBA, NHL, MLB and NFL are just a few of the leagues that have partnered with betting operators.

PointsBet has also been an official betting partner of the Detroit Tigers since 2020. As an Authorized Gaming Operator of MLB, the sports betting site has access to official team marks, data and other content. Additionally, the deal gives it access to advertising on the Tigers’ radio network and branding at Comerica Park.

Currently, seven states allow legal sports betting, with two more slated to do so later this year. In addition to these seven states, several more are poised to follow suit. By 2024, nearly seventy percent of states will offer legal sports betting. The company has collaborated with three prominent sports commissioners and the CEO of the largest sports betting company in the country.