Official Poker Rules

Official poker rules are used to govern tournaments in various games. Developed by Marcel Luske, the Netherlands’ most famous poker professional, they are free to download and use in tournaments around the world. They are intended to be universally applicable and create a level playing field across countries. While the rules are often different, they are generally compatible with each other.

Official poker rules have been revised and updated many times, so it is always helpful to read them thoroughly. Ciaffone is a regular contributor to the Card Player magazine and has worked on poker rules for the Las Vegas Hilton, Hollywood Park Casino, and The Mirage. He will continue to update the rules of the game from time to time.

Players should not reveal the contents of their folded hands before betting is complete. It is also not etiquette to reveal the strength of one’s hand to another player. Furthermore, players should not give advice to others during the deal. This is against poker etiquette. Players should play each hand independently, without looking at other players’ chips.

When players’ hands are similar, they can choose to fold their cards. When the last player has a winning hand, they may decide to call their hand. This allows the player with the best hand to win. When two players remain, the final round of betting is called a showdown. Acting players’ cards are revealed. Players whose hands are higher than the dealer’s are deemed the winner.