Official Poker Rules

Robert’s Rules of Poker is an officially approved set of poker rules that are widely used and freely copied. These rules are not exclusive to any particular cardroom or poker room. Anyone may use them, but must give credit to the author. The intention of these rules is to improve the game of poker, not to copy them. Using them in your own establishment is perfectly legal, as long as it’s done in accordance with the guidelines of the organization that created them.

The World Series of Poker was in need of new tables to replace their aging fleet. The new tables would feature USB ports, 9 cupholders, a Deckmate 2 shuffler, and a color-changing LED rail. In addition, they were supposed to be lightweight and portable so that the players could set them up anywhere, from Amazon Rooms to tournament rooms. However, the changes were not made immediately. Several weeks later, the WFP released a revised version of its rules.

The first rule in official poker is to keep your cards in full view of your opponent. This means that they should be visible, but not higher than the table surface. In addition, you must also make sure that you have a clear view of your opponent’s chips, especially higher denomination chips. You may even forfeit your chips if you continue to be absent for too long. So, play with discretion and remember: playing safe! This article outlines some of the most important rules for official poker games.