Official Poker Rankings

Official Poker Rankings is a free poker rating website that includes the results of poker tournaments and player rankings. Whether you’re looking for a game for your home or a tournament to enter, you can find the results of both on this website. The website also includes information on how to find free poker games and poker sites and other statistics for the game of poker. This includes information on ROI and prize money, as well as statistics on multi table poker tournaments.

A licensed charity organization can conduct poker activities up to twice a year. The poker activity must be conducted at an organization-approved site, and the charity must provide a dealer. A single bet is worth $1, and a player may raise up to three times that amount. The player must be at least 21 years of age to participate. A license is required if the organization plans to charge an entry fee for each player. Prizes and donations cannot exceed 90% of the gross proceeds.

The rules for poker are available in two formats: a PDF file and Word docx file. Both versions contain the same basic information, though they may have a slightly different wording. The Long Form version contains all of the rules as well as recommended procedures and a large illustration addendum, while the Short Form contains only the rules. The Short Form version includes the 2017 changes to the rules and has a landscape layout. This version also includes foreign language translations.