Official Poker Rankings

A free online poker rating site, Official Poker Rankings provides information on poker tournaments, player rankings and statistics. It also includes information on the winners, prize money, ROI and exact finish of various types of poker tournaments. It has the most comprehensive set of poker rules for the general public. Its purpose is to make the game of poker more accessible to the public.

Players are given a predetermined starting amount of chips and antes by the dealer. These amounts are raised or lowered at regular intervals. If the player’s hand is weak, the dealer will kill it before the pot is awarded. The dealer will also place a dealer button to determine starting position. The game is conducted in clockwise order, starting with the No. 1 seat.

In addition to formal rules, there are unwritten guidelines for playing poker. Observing these rules can make the table more enjoyable for everyone involved. Knowing these guidelines will help ensure that no one is disrespectful or abusing another player. A player should also avoid cheating or angle shooting. While cheating may seem like a fun activity, it can sour a game and lead to players leaving. While poker etiquette rules aren’t always clear, they can help you be a better poker player.

The WFP has a long list of rules that it enforces for the games it holds. Any violation of these rules may lead to Player Membership being revoked. Some of the most serious violations include collusion, cheating, verbally or physically attacking opponents, splashing chips into the pot, and threatening other players.