Official Betting Rules for Major League Sports

In an era when sports betting has become more prevalent than ever, professional leagues have increased their focus on monitoring the betting market. Through partnerships with sportsbooks and integrity firms that monitor betting activity, leagues now have a better understanding of who’s placing bets on their games. The NFL has also beefed up its in-house technology, dedicating security personnel and partnering with sportsbook operators to create a network that monitors the NFL betting market and identifies offenders.

For soccer markets, all bets will be settled based on the official result as outlined by the relevant governing body. A bet must be made and the outcome must be successful for a market to be settled, and any goal scored from an indirect kick (i.e. a penalty kick or corner) will not count. If a bet is placed on a goal scorer, that market will only be settled if the player scores a goal.

For baseball betting, the rules are a little more complicated. The code of conduct against gambling specifically states that any “baseball player, umpire or club or league official or employee who bets any sum whatsoever on a game in connection with which the bettor has a duty to perform” is permanently banned from MLB play. Those who seek, offer or accept a bribe to fix a game are also permanently banned from the sport. Nevertheless, the MLB is generally more lenient towards players who have violated the rules than other leagues.