Official Betting Rules and Regulations

Official betting is a bet placed by an establishment on a game’s outcome. It can be made in person or online and is a major source of revenue for sportsbooks. It is important to know the rules and regulations in order to avoid any complications. In addition to the regular bets on individual players or teams, sportsbooks also offer prop bets. These bets are based on things that occur during the course of a game but don’t directly affect the final score, such as how long the national anthem will last at the Super Bowl or what color Gatorade is dumped on the winning coach.

With sports betting legal in 30 states and half of college-age students reporting having bet on a sporting event, the NCAA is focused on educating student-athletes about problem gambling and addressing the risks of sports betting. The NCAA also has an integrity monitoring program in place that works with federal and state law enforcement, gaming operators, independent integrity monitors, campus administrators and specialized vendors.

The NCAA prohibits students, coaches and staff members from wagering on any collegiate or professional sport sponsored by the organization. This includes player-specific prop bets, which can lead to harassing behavior by bettors. In a September 2023 survey of campus compliance directors, 27% of autonomy schools reported that they had experienced these types of issues with their athletes or athletics personnel. If a player violates this rule, they risk losing their eligibility.