Official Betting Partnerships With Major Leagues

Official betting is the practice of placing bets on sporting events and other related content. Betting operators have partnered with leagues to produce content, including gambling content, which is now a part of stadium broadcasts. In the past three years, partnerships have been established in nearly two dozen state markets.

The NFL forged a pact with Caesars Entertainment, which will be its exclusive sportsbook partner for this season. The league also has a multi-year deal with DraftKings.

Last year, ESPN partnered with a Las Vegas-based gambling firm to provide a gambling-themed simulcast for their ESPN Plus show. During the 2021-22 season, the Arizona Wildcats’ basketball team was a powerhouse on the national stage. They won the Pac-12 and were a top seed in the NCAA Tournament.

The NFL has partnered with FanDuel, a company that allows fans to place bets on the outcomes of sports events. It has also teamed up with Genius Sports, which distributes live scoring data, and Have A Game Plan, which helps golf fans learn more about the game.

The PGA TOUR has also announced an expansion of their content partnership with FanDuel. This includes a three-year extension, through 2024.

NFL and Caesars also struck a multi-year agreement. This enables the league to sell six sportsbook commercials to approved sportsbook partners for each game. These ads appear at the bottom of the screen. Some broadcasters are even adding betting lines, spreads, and free-play games.

NASCAR, meanwhile, has developed its own data-powered solution, which sportsbooks can use to take bets on every lap of every race. All of these options offer a compelling proposition for sportsbooks.