Official Betting in the US

Official betting is when the sports leagues partner with sportsbooks to accept bets. The NFL, MLB, NHL and NBA have all partnered with betting sites in the past few years, and more teams now have their own books within their stadiums. If you’re a fan of placing wagers on your favorite team, you can now do so legally in more than half the US states.

Sports betting was legalized in Arizona in 2021, with online and in-person options. The state also removed some of its wagering limits. Arkansas began offering sports betting in 2019 with the first online sportsbook launching in July of that year. Betting on in-state pro and collegiate teams is allowed, although player prop bets are prohibited.

New Hampshire started taking bets in 2020 less than a month after the Supreme Court’s ruling. The state signed a six-year contract with DraftKings to offer sports betting, with in-person and mobile options available. All betting on collegiate sports is prohibited.

Hawaii is a long shot to ever legalize sports betting because of its statewide ban on gambling. Multiple bills have been proposed, but they haven’t gained much momentum in the state legislature, especially the senate, where most efforts have failed to gain traction over the years.