NFL Announces New Official Betting Partners

This fall, the NFL will finally have official betting partners. The league recently announced a multiyear partnership with DraftKings, FanDuel and Caesars Entertainment, giving them exclusive access to NFL content and statistics. If the deal works out, the league could be receiving almost $1 billion from the three partners. NFL Network broadcasts will now include betting content. It’s hard to imagine a better time to make an official bet on your favorite team.

The two companies have a long-standing relationship that began in 2010. PGA TOUR and FanDuel have been partners since 2008. Together, the two organizations produce odds-based content that fans can use to make better wagers. FanDuel also has rights to use the PGA TOUR’s trademarks and intellectual property, which allows it to market to fans. The PGA Tour and FanDuel will also work together to distribute highlights of each tournament to fanDuel bettors.

The state of Delaware made sports betting legal in the spring of 2020, but residents will not be able to place wagers there until Jan. 1, 2023. This is a result of an agreement between two Native American tribes and the state government. In Oregon, the legislature didn’t need to enact new legislation to legalize sports betting. However, the first legal sports wagers would not be accepted until August 2021. Meanwhile, in Pennsylvania, sports betting began in July 2018, but the state has yet to issue licenses to casinos.

In Tennessee, sportsbooks must use official data from leagues to calculate odds. Since the NFL hasn’t yet created its own official data, bookmakers have used commercial data feeds to create their odds. By licensing these companies, the NFL is confident they’ll get a consistent source of data. It is also clear that sports betting regulations are a good thing for consumers. The NFL’s proposal may be a good start, but it’s not enough to pass it.