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The problem space highlights aspects that need scholarly attention, in particular, the design of IDN (approach, methods and building blocks), evaluation to verify effectiveness, professional training of creators as well as the education of both adult audiences as well as school-age children. A key aspect is the fostering of an understanding of complexity, which requires awareness that the complexity of a situation or phenomenon is essentially unknowable. IDN offers a unique opportunity for this, by showing that any one traversal of an IDN cannot be exhaustive, due to the presence of alternative paths and perspectives. Furthermore, replay facilitates an increase in comprehension of a complex phenomenon through the ability to revisit decisions and explore alternate perspectives. This is in contrast to a fixed narrative object, such as a novel or movie, where the reader/viewer can only speculate about the progression and outcome of the story.

Detailed analysis of the narrative elements, digital devices and player reflections reveals patterns that are complementary to each other, providing a full picture of IDN design learning. The results show how novice authors developed characters and choices of increasing literary quality, which in turn shaped the narrative trajectories. The analysis provides a foundation for ongoing research on IDN as a developmental process and the development of pedagogy to promote IDN creation as a profession.