How NFL Teams and Sportsbooks Benefit From Official Betting

NFL teams have finally signed deals with sportsbooks to offer official betting. In a multiyear agreement, the NFL has allowed DraftKings, FanDuel, and Caesars Entertainment exclusive access to betting content for NFL games. If the deal is successful, NFL Network will begin airing betting content this fall. But who are the sportsbooks? How do they benefit from these relationships? And how do NFL teams and fans benefit? Below we take a look at how official betting can benefit both parties.

DraftKings and the PGA TOUR recently announced a multi-year marketing agreement. In exchange, DraftKings will be named the first Official Betting Operator of the PGA TOUR and will offer odds-based content to fans. As a result, the two organizations will also share rights to the PGA TOUR marks and advertising space in TOUR media. The deal also includes content and video rights for FanDuel bettors.

Sportsbooks and fans are now allowed to bet on NASCAR races. The legalization of sports betting in the U.S. in 2018 has created a burgeoning market for betting on the sport. With NASCAR betting, sportsbooks can now offer an exciting live betting experience for fans across regulated states. And while it’s not legal in every state, it’s becoming more widespread. But how do you choose the right online sportsbook?